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We are seizing the day and moving to Spain in June, 2008!  We have wanted to live abroad for many years and are finally making it happen. A Spanish speaking country, warm weather and travel opportunities were at the top of our lists and helped us decide on a country. We have also visited Spain so knew a little of what we were getting into! Throughout the summer, we will spend several weeks in four different villages in the Malaga and Valencia areas, scouting out each to determine where we want to live. We hope to find a bilingual school for the girls and immerse them in Spanish language and life. They will both have had two years of Spanish classes by the time we leave so they should be able to mention colors, numbers, animals and body parts quite well! Hopefully actual conversations will come easy for them too! We hope to learn Spanish, experience another culture, travel and spend lots of time together. Our intent is to return to Boulder after our year of adventures. Scott and Dee are excited; Emma and Grace have their days of excitement, sadness and a little fear of the unknown.
Emma is now nine and just finished third grade. She loves her school, Community Montessori, and is most concerned about missing fourth grade there. She loves to read, play soccer (maybe the Spaniards will have some “futbol” tips for her,) and has just started playing the flute! She and Scott are also running together; Emma claiming she beats him every time!
Grace has recently turned six and finished Kindergarten! She is learning to read and write, loves swimming, singing and dancing, soccer… anything really that involves action and drama! She hopes to ride more horses in Spain, but is concerned she won’t know how to say “giddy up” in Spanish. Will the horse know what to do if she speaks to it in English?
Scott and I are excited for an adventure, new challenges, new things to explore. Scott will continue to work part-time for Picosecond and with the power of the internet, cell phones, and video conferencing he will be able to stay connected while learning Spanish and taking siestas . We are considering another business venture together (remember our Hot Sauce Lover’s Club?) and I am hoping to write more and enjoy the olives and wine.
If you’re here, you’ve found our blog, and I hope you enjoy traveling along. You can find us all on email and also live via free Skype internet service. Leave me a comment here if you’d like direct email addresses or want information on downloading Skype and chatting with us via a webcam!
Hasta Luego, Dee, Scott, Emma and Grace








  1. Hola Dee

    I’ve just come across your site, and I hope you are all having a great time. My husband, Malcolm, and I bought a village house in Gaucin just over a year ago, and we really love the area and Gaucin in particular. At the moment we visit every couple of months, but next year we hope to be living there most of the time, and will sell our house in England to move over permanently.

    We looked at a number of areas around Malaga, but fell in love with Gaucin. It has such a wonderful location in the mountains, with eagles and vultures circling overhead on most days, but only 35 minutes from the coast. Gaucin is a lovely spanish village, where most of the people speak no english at all, and are very pleased and helpful when they see that you are learning their language (I have just finished my first year at evening classes here in England). However, there are also quite a number of other nationalities living in Gaucin, which I find makes it more interesting and fun. We have made friends with english people who have lived in Gaucin for 20 or 30 years, and it has been very useful in helping us to find our feet more quickly! But also our spanish neighbours have been so welcoming and friendly, that we already feel very at home there.

    I just love walking through the streets to the local shops – there is an amazing variety, and I still haven’t found them all yet! The butcher sells a really good selection of local meats, and there are a number of shops selling fresh local produce.

    Have you looked at the gaucin.com website – there is a lot of information about the shops and village life.

    I can’t wait to find out what you think of Gaucin, and if you think we can be of any help then please get in touch. We shall be back in Gaucin in August ( we just arrived back from there yesterday …). You would be very welcome to visit our house – I love it so much, and the view from the top terrace is just stupendous – with Gibraltar and Africa in the distance.

    Good luck in your adventures .. I shall follow your progress with interest!

    Regards, Mary

    Thanks for the lovely note about life in Gaucin. We arrive on Friday this week for two weeks there! Include your email if you see this response and perhaps we can meet in the square for a glass of wine.



  2. Your Spanish adventure sounds exciting! In fact here at the Academia we had a family of students in your exact situation – they leave quite soon.
    You should come visit Córdoba during your travels.
    ¡Bueña Suerte!

    Academia Hispánica

  3. Hi Dee and Scott, my mother just referred me to your sites after talking to Janet recently. Wow, what a life change…Seems to be a lot of that going around these days. Enjoyed your slideshow Dee. You are talented with the camera. Hope you enjoy your new home in Spain. Still haven’t found it on the map though. Your daughters look wonderful :o)


    How great to hear from you! Are you still in New Mexico?

    I just added a map today on the Find Us page. Look for Javea there, just south of Valencia! Hope you are well…your Mom and Paul too! Send them hellos from us! Scott’s blog is http://www.lavidaescorta.wordpress.com; I’m sure he’d love to hear from you too!


  4. Thanks for your comment on our website that led me here. Sounds like you are on an exciting adventure!!

    We are entering our 3rd year of an open ended trip around the world, so understand completely! We have wintered the last 2 years in a small village in southern Spain, love it and looking forward to our 3rd year soon. ( We are still traveling, in Sweden at the moment).

    You will have a wonderful time!

    I am really enjoying your website, http://www.soultravelers3.com. It’s been fascinating to read about your journeys, and I’m convinced now we can’t miss a trip to Morocco. The trip in the Sahara with the nomads is at the top of my list. Here’s the website for others of you interested: http://www.nomadsaharabivouacmerzouga.com/

    Thank you again for sharing your journeys.


  5. BTW, I would just put the kids in the local school, it is really the very best way to get to know a language. We did that with our daughter who was 5 when we began our journey and just turned 8 a few days ago.

    Many children go into the local schools without knowing a world of Spanish. They give the new ones help usually.

    I would have advised being inside a small village rather than the campo for the winter, as then one is in the center of the action which is a good way to immerse with the village and people. The countryside can be isolating in the winter, although I do understand the temptation.

    Don’t miss the festivals which are such a wonderful part of Spain!

  6. Dearest Dee,
    We have discussed it. Kristin Norell and I are coming to visit you in Spain and we are bringing Pam Salansky and Judy Beck with us. Prepare.

    OMG, how great to hear from you! And I about fell off my chair laughing at the memories of Pam Salansky and Judy Beck. Priceless! I am all about visitors and have the casita and a bottle of wine with your names on them!


  7. Hola
    Just a note to say Hola to you all. Think of you everyday.

    Estimada abuela,

    ¡Usted es tan bueno aprender español! ¡Le faltamos también!

    Amor, Emma and Grace

  8. Hi Dee and all the Andrews,
    We are yet another Boulder family planning a 6 month stay in Spain in the winter and spring of 2010 (we are still researching cities and housing). Our kids will be 11 and 8 when we travel, and we look forward to following your adventure!
    All the best,
    The Zacharias Family
    Boulder, CO

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m more than happy to share my perspective. Your kids will be great ages, especially for a local school! I’ll email you directly and send my phone number.

    We’ll have to have post Spain reunions back in Boulder eventually!


  9. Dee,

    Count me in on the pam salansky tour of Spain. I am going to find that girl who quilts (what’s her name? Kristin will know) and bring her too.



    The more the merrier! Wasn’t it Wendy who quilted?


  10. Fell upon your blog…we are a family of 4 having just returned from our year in Spain…similar, if not exact, reasons for wanting to live abroad-our girls were 10 and 11 1/2 when we left Bend, Oregon for Cordoba, Spain-it was an AMAZING year filled with travels, new friendships and memories to last a long time. We too considered Javea but in the end chose Cordoba-hope you enjoy this experience of a lifetime!!!!! Buenas suerte,
    Shelley Tozer

    Hola Shelley,

    I would love to hear about your adventures! How long have you been back, what would you do the same and what different? Do you have favorite travel experiences you’d recommend? Also, I’m curious to know how much Spanish your daughters picked up and used? Were they in an international school or local?

    The one thing we are not getting here in Javea is enough opportunity to use our very basic beginner’s Spanish. I think we need forced into more opportunities! The girls’ international school is mostly native English speakers whereas I have heard some international schools have mostly native Spanish speakers who are at the school for an international education. We have time to make some changes so I am curious about your experience.

    Happy Thanksgiving today to you back there in America!


  11. Glad to find your blog! What a blessed life you are leading! I think Scott’s visit back to MO last week inspired my son to do something similiar when he grows up! A great place for grandmothers to visit as your site can affirm. Also just watched Woody Allen’s film, Vicky Christina Barcelona and can’t imagine what a great time you all must be having. Dee, please remind me the name of that book on autoimmune diseases that you told me about several years ago. Thanks a lot! Stephanie

    Hola Stephanie,

    Glad you found the blog too and great to hear from you! I remind myself daily how fortunate we are to have decided to do this, simplify, change our lives, do something different. I want to see that movie! We had planned to spend a week in Barcelona in February, though that may change to Morocco now. We are trying to figure out if we can pull off a camel trek/camping adventure in the Sahara. We are just so close, we figure we have to try to take advantage.

    The book is Living Well with Autoimmune Disease. I see there is also a website now at http://www.autoimmunebook.com/ How are you doing? I have to say the stress of this move abroad has worried me at times that mine might come back or come back in some other autoimmune way, but I am trying to manage it and let go of things. My new motto: No pasa nada! It doesn’t matter!

    Hugs to you! Hello to Nick and Travis.


  12. Hi Dee and Scott,
    How lovely to find your blog. I hope you are settled and enjoying your new adventure. I have just featured your blog on my new blog The Chocolate Rucksack. I hope you find it interesting.
    I am off to Marbella in the summer to teach at the University. Never been there so am looking forward to a new adventure of my own.
    Would love to hear more of your life there.

    Your Marrakesh photos are truly amazing! All of the ones I wanted to take while we were there but was too nervous too! The colors are so vibrant, and the food and people too! I love chocolate (dark) and what I’ve seen so far on The Chocolate Rucksack. I’ll keep reading and will put you on Sieze el Dia’s blogroll too!
    ~ Dee

  13. Seems like we are doing a similar adventure to you 5 years later- so glad I found your blog. We plan to move for a year to granada city with our 9 and 7 year old kids – we are nervous and excited about it! Any advice most welcome as we plan to leave in June 2013. Like you I decided to start a blog to document and share our adventures (www.ouryearinspain.com). Would really like to hear more about your time – the highs & lows. Regards, Bianca

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