Posted by: Dee Andrews | February 10, 2008

Family Meetings Part 2

Bullring in Ronda, Spain

Bullring in Ronda, Spain

We had our second family meeting yesterday, and I highly recommend them for anyone planning an extended trip with children! Emma and Grace are mostly not enthused about moving to Spain. The fears and sadness of going and leaving outweigh the fun of the adventure. So, we are trying to make the move more real for them and give them some things to grab on to. Yesterday, we all took a color-coded push pin and stuck them in a European map to mark the places we’d like to visit.

Emma chose Pompeii(for her 10th birthday,) Paris (for the Eiffel Tower and Louvre) and Belgium (she wants to see where they make their chocolate!) Also watching the US Women’s soccer team play in Portugal in March. Grace chose swimming with dolphins at the Valencia, Spain aquarium, safari in Africia, riding horses on the beach, the Queen of England and any castle icon she could find, regardless of country. Scott chose the coast of Croatia, the Tour de France, Greece and the tomato festival in Valencia. I chose the Guggenheim museum in Balboa, Germany and Austria for a trip to show Mom and Dad the “homeland,” running with the bulls in Pamplona (also a request from Dad,) Rome, Holland for the Anne Frank museum, and the famous bullfight in the famous bullring in Ronda (with Scott only, for his next birthday.)

Everyone enjoyed pushing pins away, there wasn’t one grumble but enthusiasm and interest. We just have to keep this up. The girls will come around.

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