Posted by: Dee Andrews | March 5, 2008

la trepadora

la trepadora….trep-a-dora, mom……trrrrrrep-a-dora……trrrrre, trrrrrre

The girls keep rolling their Rs and giggling that I can’t do it. “Show-offs,” I say! trrrrree, trrrrre.

Grace was learning the Spanish words on the playground today at school. I belive la trepadora is Spanish for jungle gym or monkey bars or some climbing apparratice of sorts. She and Emma are both cruising along with their Spanish; I hope enough so that a local Spanish school is an option for them. I would love to live in a small Spanish village and have them walk to the public school and make friends and have a true cultural experence. We shall see. In the meantime, we all practice rolling our Rs. I have better luck with rolling my eyes at them and their Rs!

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