Posted by: Dee Andrews | June 21, 2008

Pictures from Javea

Some pictures from our first days in Javea.


  1. Hi everyone! Loved seeing the pics today and hearing more about your adventure. I’m so excited that the girls are having fun, staying up late and drinking lots of Fantas. Missing all of you everyday! Be safe – lot’s of love!

  2. The scenery looks pretty fantastic! Emma & Grace, how was the beach?

    I just downloaded copies of your entries so far, Dee. I am off to St. Joe to visit Mom. She spends her days listening to books on tape, so maybe she will enjoy hearing me read to her about your exciting travels.

    Hugs to everyone!~


  3. Hello all:
    I am enjoying the reading of your adventures (good and bad) like getting stuck in the tunnel. Yikes. Hope you are all having fun.
    Grandma Barb

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