Posted by: Dee Andrews | August 10, 2008

Bous a la Mar

We all really enjoyed this annual Bous a la Mar festival in Denia, Spain. It pits man against bull to see who will go into the sea first! The bull won this round, but there were plenty of times when the bull went into the sea too!


  1. I just had time to catch up on your travels. We got back from Spain on Monday and I am really enjoying your stories and have had many laughs in that we experienced so many of the same things-from getting cell phones, the old ladies (they are every where strolling-I love it), to every type of ham ever imagined. I even saw Pringles-Jamon! I’m just wondering where all the pig farms are? We didn’t see one up north!

  2. Dee,
    Just getting around to reading your blog. How wonderful! Sounds like you are adapting and enjoying. Look forward to reading and seeing more.
    p.s. tell Scott I am also enjoying his blogs and to keep writing.

  3. Hola Chally!
    No pig farms down south here either! I made the typical novice Spanish blunder one day at the bakery and ordered a jabon quiche (soup) instead of jamon (ham.) After a confused look from Delores, the baker’s wife, I corrected my error and came home with a delicioso ham quiche!

    Your summer in San Sebastian sounded wonderful; I’ll have to get some recommendations as we want to travel there and to Bilboa. Happy settling back into Boulder and the new school year!

    Besos a todos, Dee

  4. Roberta!
    How fun to find your comment on the blog! It’s great to know who’s reading! I thought of you the other night; we were at the feria in Gaucin and Emma said, “This is just like Toby’s!” Well, it wasn’t quite Toby’s Carnival as there were only bumper cars, a jumpy castle, and a snake with topless ladies painted on it! I realized though that the appeal of Toby’s is not the rides but the friends to see and that was missing for us here. Hope you’re well! Hello to Dirk and all!
    Love, Dee Ann

  5. Dee,

    School started yesterday and today I introduced my students to your trip. The bull video was a big hit. We will not be able to check daily but will check in at least once a week. Just wanted you to know we’re watching. Would love some pictures of the girls’ school.

    Just green with envy(Estoy muy celosa).

  6. Hi Sharon!

    So fun to hear from you and glad you’re enjoying the blog! Wow, the pressure of a whole class of kids reading it might be too much for me! =)

    I’ll have to remember that envy is celosa and not verde!

    Dee Ann

  7. I keep forgetting about checking this! Loved the pic with Gracie and the ass. I’m all caught up now, so hope to stay in better touch. Miss you guys. Tell Emma and Grace hello for me.

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