Posted by: Dee Andrews | September 9, 2008

First Day of School

Another milestone in our journey of life. The girls started school today here in Spain. They were excited and nervous. Me too! I was excited for them, a few butterflys in my tummy too, and oh so proud of them!

I know families move every day and go to new schools, but I never did, they never have, so this is new for us all. And they did it like pros! Full of confidence and self-assurance, they didn’t need mom and dad to hang around long. (Unlike our Montessori experience of dropping them off Day One at the curb, here the parents walk them in to their classroom and wait until the bell rings. Emma and Grace both sent us off well before that!)

One of my goals for this move was for them to learn to take risks, get out of their comfort zones, learn how to manage the feelings that go along with that. They have done beautifully. Emma has gone from “I am not going to get on the plane,” (that was back in January) to “My goal while we’re here in Spain is to learn Spanish well enough to be able to talk to Siena (her new friend) only in Spanish.” And then a few minutes later, “Do you think I’ll know Spanish well enough to take Italian in high school? I want to learn Italian and Swedish too!” You go girl! I’m sure we’ll celebrate those milestone too!


  1. Emma & Gracie~You both look oh so cute in your new school uniforms!! I have a friend that carries a bag to tennis which has a saying on it: “Do something that scares you every day.” Most of us probably wouldn’t actually do that, but when we do and then succeed, it gives us a wonderful feeling! I am proud of you!! Love, Nana

  2. The picture of you in your school uniform just makes me want to grab and give you a hug. Oh so cute. I’m happy for you that you are learning so much, making new friends, and I’m sure you will do great in school. You both are growing, and Oh so pretty.
    Love Grandma Barb

  3. Oh girls you look absoultely adorable – I wish I could wear a uniform like that to work everyday!
    I too am so proud of you both. I’m excited that you’re trying new foods, making new friends, learning a new language, reading new books and just really living life to it’s fullest everyday. You’re learning at an early age that taking risks can be scary but also so much fun!!!
    Love you so much!

  4. Grace and Emma,

    You look so chic in your school uniforms. I miss seeing you. Grace the children look at the pictures of you in the book that your family gave the classroom and they ask about you. We are studying Europe and I showed then where you are living and going to school. We have 7 different languages in our classroom this year:English, Spanish, French, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Ussanee the intern speaks Japanese and Thai.I am glad you are having your adventure. Love, Elizabeth

    Dear Elizabeth and your class,

    I miss you a lot. I wish I was there helping eat the food in the garden and making cookies with you guys.

    I like my new school too. I have learned a lot. I have had lots of spelling tests. I got all of my spelling words right! It’s a fun school. Just as Community Montessori is. I wear a uniform at my new school. I wear a jumper. My sister has to wear a real tie!

    I have a new guitar and take lessons each week!

    Love, Gracie

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