Posted by: Dee Andrews | October 1, 2008

Heard this tale before?

Here was a new cultural experience for us the other night around the dinner table. Scott’s parents are here visiting, we’ve just had a great dinner on the terrace, and the girls are clearing the table for dessert.

Grace sits back down, and in her sweet strong singing voice, bellows out, “Jackass with his long tail. Ca ca co da bo wa. Jackass with his long tail! Don’t tease him, don’t…”

We’re all silent, smirks on our faces but not sure whether to exclaim or laugh, because in America you just don’t learn songs in school about jackasses. Can’t wait for the school music performance!


  1. I bet she really knows that is not a word we’re supposed to say but that she is so excited she can use it without getting in trouble. Gotta love it – I can hear her now! 🙂

  2. I could hardly contain my laughter….definitely one of those special “Gracie moments”!! Can’t wait to hear some original compositions with her new guitar some day!! We had a wonderful time with all of you, but the time went by way too fast!

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