Posted by: Dee Andrews | March 22, 2009

How to Find a Great Kid-Friendly Hotel

walking-to-the-coliseum-in-rome Oops, this post has moved to my new blog, Travel and Travails. If you travel with you kids a lot like our family, you’ll want to read this how-to for kid-friendly city hotels.

You’ll also find inspiration, unexpected ideas, and thoughts on finding new paths, in traveling and in life.


  1. Nice tips although we prefer the small country hotels where the kids can go outside without danger from traffic and city business. Most have their swimming pool which always is fancied by our little “troublemakers”.

    We love small country hotels too! It’s always nice to have time in a place to do both the city and the country! ~ Dee

  2. I can’t imagine the girls wanting to play with bathroom toiletries! I can’t wait to have them back in Colorado to tear mine up! 🙂


  3. […] How to Find a Great Kid-Friendly Hotel at Sieze el Dia. […]

  4. Great tips. You should also try if you are looking for kids friendly hotels. They review hotels and let you know which places are kid friendly.

    Thanks for the tip, Sharlene! I can’t wait to dig into! Looks full of great hotels and ideas for traveling with kids. Took at peek at your blog too! Wow, traveling with twins must definitely double the adventures… and challenges! ~ Dee

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