Posted by: Dee Andrews | January 26, 2008

Sabbath. Sabbatical. Time-off.

Our sabbatical, time-off, check-out…whatever it may be called….we are officially making it happen since we sold our house last month and have moved into Scott’s parents’ house from now until we leave in June. 

I’m skimming through the stack of library books we just came home with and discover this quote…

from Living Simply with Children, “Everything of lasting value takes time — and time is at a premium these days. Parenting, like all arts, requires expanses of empty time for spontaneous, unbidden life to erupt through the humdrum of shuttling between appointments. This isn’t just clock time. It isn’t just scheduled “quality time.” Time is like a vast, shimmering Shangri-la that is accessed when we leave the manufactured, regimented world behind. It is always there for us, but we need to be there in it or it doesn’t show up. Laughter happens in that kind of time. So does love. And meaning. We need time off from clock time. Sabbaths. Rest. Giggling. Lying in the grass….Simple living means taking time off from clock time, making Sabbath time more important than errands and emails and even grades and lessons and homework.”

It struck a cord with me.  I think our sabbatical is about some of this for me.  Time off from the clock and schedule that kids inevitably have.  I’m ready for hammock time!


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