Posted by: Dee Andrews | January 27, 2008

Missing 4th Grade

The girls are so angry about the move to Spain. Emma especially is just furious about not having any control over our decision to go. For her, she adamently does not want to leave her school, Community Montessori. It is a very special school and the only school she’s been to since she started at age 3. She will miss 4th grade, at the least. I understand it’s these years of being the oldest kid, the leader at the school, the closure and culmination of her time there, that she is sad to miss. I also believe that as she gets older, it will only get harder and she will be much less likely to try new things if she’s not pushed now. She’s a nester. The irony is she will be the one to love Spain and the experience and particaluarly the International schools if we decide to go that route. She loves school; she’d love what they offer and how they challenge.

Grace is following Emma’s lead. Emma is angry and refusing to go; Grace is the same. On her own, I think Grace would embrace the adventure. That’s just her natural personality, to explore, move around, try out new things. She hasn’t bonded strongly with anything or anyone to feel like she’ll miss it.

Emma is now just refusing to even get on the airplane, and it is a tactic that could be very effective should she actually pull it. She can be very stubborn at times. I’m hoping the five months we have will get her over her fears and sadness enough to go and try to enjoy the new experience.  Or, then, there is Ambien.  =)

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