Posted by: Dee Andrews | March 17, 2008

The New Neighborhood

Flatirons in Boulder with snow There was a beautiful spring snow last night and the street sparkled as we pulled out of the driveway on our way to school this morning.  I commented to the girls, “Look how magical the street looks!”  Emma replies, “I really like this neighborhood and how it’s quiet and doesn’t have a lot of cars driving around.”  “And there are no college students,” Grace interupts with.  Emma again, “But you know, it’s away from the main road and it’s just really quiet.”  “Yes, I do know, Emma,” I reply.  And then I have to get in my “lesson of the day,” “That’s one of the good things about moving; you get to try new neighborhoods and discover that you like some things about the new one.”  “Well, I still miss 15th street and living close to Anna.  “I miss living near Georgina too.”  (Anna’s mom.)  “But now we can think about the things we loved about 15th street and the things we’re enjoying about Nana and Papa’s house, and can try to have them all in our next house.”  “When will we have our next house,” asks Grace?  Oh, I think, that’s a landmine I’m not going near this morning.  “Wow, look at the mountains!  They look like powder sugared donuts this morning!”

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