Posted by: Dee Andrews | June 9, 2008

Hasta Luego!

our-household-in-six-suitcases1 See everyone later!  Today’s the day!  Our six suitcases are packed! Emma and Scott left this morning at 9:00am for the airport and their flights to Washington DC and then London.  Grace and I leave this afternoon at 3:00pm for our flights to Calgary and then London.  We are all reuniting at Heathrow in London, spending a night there, and then on to Barcelona the following morning (Wednesday.) 

It’s hard to believe it’s actually happening!  We’ve been planning this for almost a year so we all felt it was time to finally go. 

We’re excited!  Had some hard goodbyes, but we got through them and are on our way. 

More later!


  1. We are happy to hear you are all together and on your way!

    I’m sure missing early morning cuddles and this house is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too quiet!

    Have fun!!

    Hugs & kisses from Nana & Papa

  2. Wish I would have been able to tell you guys goodbye! Got the message from Grace and I had to save it…Everyone is waiting to hear from you guys and see if you’re settled in your first place yet.

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