Posted by: Dee Andrews | June 13, 2008

First Days

We’re here!  Our first days have been like a vacation — well, except for the putting gas into a diesel car, but that’s another dramatic story for a day when I’m a little braver — okay, back to the vacation — long, relaxing days of beach and pool, eating out, exploring new towns.  Our jet lag has been minimized thanks to an overnight in London and the Spanish custom of seistas and late-night dinners.  The girls were opposed to the idea of a late afternoon nap until they realized they then get to have dinner at 10:00pm and stay up past midnight! 

So much to write, but a painfully slow internet connection will force me to end for now.  We head to Frigiliana tomorrow and will settle into our first rental house.  Hopefully they have wireless!




  1. Hi Dee –

    So glad everyone made it safely to Spain. The towns you’ve described look and sound lovely. Can’t wait to hear which you all like best! Love all the photos you’ve shared so far. It looks just magical. Thinking of all of you!

  2. Beaches, late night dinners and midnight parties…..sounds like fun to me! And, siestas, too…, what a life! It sure is quiet around our house now and we miss you, but we know you are having a wonderful time and we are happy you can have these experiences. BIG HUGS to everyone!! I love you…….Nana

  3. Dee and family…
    I was so glad to hear from you. How awesome and brave of you and Scott. The year ahead of you sounds fabulous. Take care, have a blast, be safe. ~Debby

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