Posted by: Dee Andrews | November 18, 2008

Pompeii Becomes a Reality

house-of-the-faun-in-pompeii2 Oops, this post has moved to my new blog, Travel and Travails. If you travel with you kids, you’ll want to read this story about our 10-year-old daughter experiencing Pompeii. She became interested in the buried Italian city after reading about it at school.

At Travel and Travails, you’ll also find inspiration, unexpected ideas, and thoughts on finding new paths, in traveling and in life.


  1. The saying “To travel is to live” is a reality for your family!! I dearly miss all of you, but know you are learning so much and making wonderful memories together, so I am content, for now, to look forward to your wonderful travel blogs and photos!!

    Emma, your parents gave you a wonderful gift for your 10th birthday….not just by taking you to Pompeii, but by showing you the world is a vast, diverse and wonderful place…..go, enjoy!!!

    Big hugs and sweet kisses to all!

    We miss you so much too, Janet! All of us!

    I love our adventures and time together, but I know it comes at the cost of being further from family! It is hard some days, but I know too that it really is a short time in our lives.

    You and Jim and your travels have been such an inspiration to us! I know from your stories how your year in France impacted your future, and I know our family too will broaden our horizons! And I’m excited that Mom and Theresa are visiting us soon and will have new experiences in their lives too!

    Thanks always for your support!



  2. Your trip to Pompeii will always be remembered, I’m sure. I love reading about your adventures. I am looking forward to my visit.
    Love you,

    We can’t wait for your visit too, Mom! Love, Dee Ann

  3. On to Paris! 😉

  4. I love it that Emma read this story and is now seeing where it all took place….how exciting. Is there a better Birthday gift out there than Italy at 10? I don’t think so! 5 more days and Mom and I will see all of you – so excited.

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