Posted by: Dee Andrews | November 24, 2008

Spanish Lessons

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

¡Soy muy bien! Mi nombre es Dee. Soy de norde américana. Soy de cuidad Boulder, Colorado. Tengo cuarenta años. Soy estudiante español. Mi marido y yo, estudiamos español tres dias por semana por ocho semanas ahora en Javea, Spain.

Mis ninas nombres son Emma y Grace. Son simpaticas. Son mas altas y rubias y listas. Mis hijas aprendan español en escuela tambien. Estan muy contenta en España.

¡Nuestra casa es muy bonita! Es grande y blanca. Su tiene un jardín y una piscina. Es cerca de Montgo en Javea. Nuestra coche es azul. Es muy pequeño y sucio y viejo pero es tambien muy barato.

Mi marido prepara la cena esta noche. Tomamos carne y las verduras y quizá helado para el postre.

¡Nosotros somos muy bien!


  1. Hola Dee,

    Estas aprendiendo espanol muy rapido, sobre todo para una gringa de Colorado.
    Aqui pase el fin de semana llenando bolsas de arena para el deluvio que nunca llego. Ahora tengo que devolver la arena a la playa. Lastima que mi vecina estara trabajando y no me podra ayudar esta vez. Como me gustaria tener a las ninas para ayudar. Yo se que ellas se divertirian bastante.
    Las estoy extranando mucho. Por favor dales un abrazo y un beso de su ‘nana’ que las quiere mucho.


    Ooooh, Janet, you put me to shame! I couldn’t even make out all of your note; I had to cheat and paste it into the Google translator!

    Do I understand correctly about you filling sand bags for a storm that never came? I will hug and kiss the girls for you. They miss you and Jim so much too! Scott and I too!

    We had a wonderful wonderful relaxed weekend! Beautiful weather each day. We had Emma’s first volleyball game Saturday morning and the girls ran in a kids race Sunday morning. Both days then, after our morning activities, we had long lazy lunches. We laughed that we wouldn’t even be able to find a restaurant in the States that served a 2+ hour lunch! The slow pace is nice.



  2. Well, I cheated big time!! I asked my friend and next-door neighbor Luly to write the message for me….I just thought it would be fun! Good luck with the lessons….seems like you are doing great!


  3. hi dee!!
    mary gave me the info on your blog and i couldnt wait to get home and check it out. what an adventure you all are having! i wil be checking in frequently to catch up and see what new adventure you all have taken. hope the girls are liking school there. samantha was at mary’s yesterday and sent them an email/message. mary had a thanksgiving dinner yesterday. she wanted to have one at her new home. scott and i are going to arkansas for the weekend and wont be able to make it to your moms for the holiday but the rest of the gang will be there. heard that your mom and theresa are coming to visit. hope u all have a great time. enjoying your blog immensely!! scott says hello and hopes to see u all soon!

    Hi Julie,

    Glad you found the blog! It’s been fun to write and share our experiences, and I hope it’ll be a “scrapbook” for the girls to remember their time here.

    The girls do like their school, and they have settled in well here. They miss their family and friends, particularly on days like today, Thanksgiving, when they know everyone is at Grandma Barb’s house feasting on turkey and her apple pie! Grace enjoys emailing Samantha!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving in Arkansas! Tell Scott and all of the Gregorys hello!

    Dee Ann

  4. Hola prima,

    I was very impressed with your message. I knew Janet had to have help with her response but I was wondering if she was still in Kansas, because I didn’t know what storm she was talking about.

    Will you celebrate with a traditional American or Spanish menu on Thanksgiving? Maybe a mix of both–they say the pilgrims had lobster and seafood along with their turkey.

    Have fun in Espana.

    Mucho amor a todos,

    Hola prima Sharon! (That has a nice ring to it!)

    Janet is actually in Hawaii so that is where she was referring to the storm! She and Jim spend most of the winter there, where their other son Steve lives. They are usually back in Boulder then for the warm summer and fall months!

    We are celebrating Thanksgiving on Sunday with two other American families joining us. Six adults and nine kids! I am roasting a turkey and will have the usual American traditions (though no pumpkin pie,) and then also some new Spanish dishes! I’m sure serrano ham, some salchicha, manchego cheese, olives and shrimps will make the appetizer plate!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all you share it with!

    Dee Ann

  5. Tengo verquenza, pense que Janet es su tia y no su suegra.

    I had a very blonde moment. Your dinner menu sounds wonderful, although I’m not sure I could handle not having pumpkin pie or pecan or apple. Katie is learnig the fine art of the pie from her Grandma, they seem to have a good time and the results are very tasty.

    We gathered at my mom’s on Thursday, all but Mike, he moved to Denver with Rose and couldn’t get off work. Friday we had Christmas at my house and then Saturday the kids and I went to the KU/MU game. Wet, yes…cold, yes but the finish warmed us up nicely…well at least Paul and me.

    Hasta luego,

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