Posted by: Dee Andrews | December 30, 2008


mom-theresa1 My mom and sister are here to visit! It is so wonderful to have them with us! Our first days together have been filled with a trip to the flea market or rastro in Jalon, shopping at Javea’s mercado for Serrano ham and Manchego cheese, and sampling tapas at several restaurants in the old town. We are off to explore Guadalest tomorrow!


  1. We know you will have happy times together with your mom and sister! A belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you, Dee & Scott….hope it was a memorable one! Big hugs and sweet kisses to all!
    Love, Janet

  2. Hi Barb, Dee Ann, Scott, Emma and Grace, Happy Birthday Barb and a Happy New Year to all. I have been looking at all the pictures on the blog and its amazing. Scott, I look at all that beautiful water you have out your back yard and think the fishing must be fantastic. I know you all are having fun and take care. Love Ed.

    Hello Uncle Ed,

    I witnessed Mom popping twelve grapes in her mouth on New Year’s Eve! We had tiramisu, her favorite dessert, the next day to celebrate her birthday! Scott hasn’t been fishing yet, but we are eating more fish! I am determined to learn to cook a whole one, head, tail and all!

    Love, Dee Ann

  3. So now we know where all the lovely women of the USA went!!! Hello everyone. Kevin

    Hola Kevin!

    We are enjoying Mom and Theresa’s visit so much! I am not ready to let them come back to Kansas yet, though I think they are eager for Diet Coke, butter and CNN! The three of us big girls have just returned to Javea from Rome! We had a wonderful week of prosciutto, gelato and tiramisu!

    Love, Dee Ann

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