Posted by: Dee Andrews | December 21, 2008

The Spirit of Christmas

javea-christmas-tree We have the most wonderful Christmas tree this year! It is decorated with strings of popcorn, ornaments of chocolate, and paper stars. Emma, in trying to capture her favorite part of Christmas, surrounded herself and the tree’s boughs with the names of her family written on paper ornaments. Uncle Joe, Grandma Middleton, Alexa…there are seventeen in all.

As we sat around our chimenea, listening to carols and stringing popcorn, Grace said, “I want to do this with my kids someday.”

That’s all I needed in my stocking this year!

I hope you are enjoying the spirit of Christmas too! Feliz Navidad.


  1. Feliz Navidad!
    Hope your Christmas was wonderful. Scott and mine was great as usual. went to Janet and Richards Christmas eve and Mary’s on Christmas day. got full played games and had a wonderful time. Got to talk to Teresa and Barb before they left. they are so lucky!! hope you all have a great time while they are there. Scott says hello and Merry Christmas!

    Hello Julie,
    Ours was really nice, sounds a lot like yours but without all of the family at Janet and Richards. =(

    I roasted a turkey (much better then my Thanksgiving one! These Spanish turkeys are SO lean that I overcooked the last one. This one was perfect!), we took an after dinner walk on the beach, then a nap, then played Scrabble and Monopoly!

    It is 9:00am here, Scott’s making breakfast, the girls playing with the safari animals Papa Noel brought, and I’m going to clean the car before heading to the airport for Mom and Theresa! I am SO excited to see them and show them around.

    Great to hear from you. Hello to Scott too!


    Dee Ann

  2. Your Christmas tree is perfect….and, dear Emma, thinking of her family – all so far away this year, how very sweet!!! While we dearly missed having you with us to celebrate, we know the Christmas memories you created in Javea are priceless. Let’s Skype again in the next few days….Alexa LOVED seeing and talking to you!!!
    Love, Janet

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