Posted by: Dee Andrews | January 21, 2009

International Reaction to President Obama

obama-on-tv I was delighted to discover President Obama on the front page of five international newspapers this morning. There in Spanish, German, Dutch, French and English were the headlines proclaiming his inauguration as the 44th president of the United States of America.

We watched his speech on Sky News from the United Kingdom, but we didn’t get the play-by-play of the day as I’m sure it was covered in the US. The International Herald Tribune this morning gave me an interesting article on the diversity of the Obamas’ families and how they are black, white, Asian, Christian, Muslim and Jewish and speak over nine languages.

People here in Spain are excited about our new president. A woman buying vegetables with me this morning at a small stand asked me first about the artichokes but quickly moved to the inauguration when she heard my American accent. The man behind the counter at the post office became visibly excited when I showed my American driver’s license to pick up a package. Most of his rapid Spanish was lost on me, but his enthusiasm was obvious and I understood “…bueno para todo el mundo!”

I too believe President Obama will be good for all of the world.


  1. Make that 3 of us that believe President Obama will be good for all of the world! I believe he is the right person for these difficult times and he gives me hope that the future can be bright for cutie pies Emma & Grace! Love, Janet

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