Posted by: Dee Andrews | January 26, 2009

Cooking a Whole Fish

dorada-at-fish-market Opps, this post has moved. You can read it though in just one click on my new blog, Travel and Travails. If you’re as determined as I was to learn how to cook a whole fish, don’t miss this post and the yummy recipes. Muchas gracias.


  1. Hi DeeAnn:
    Enjoyed your experience with cooking the fish. I think I like my recipe the best. Have the fish brought to you cleaned, boned and soaked. (directly from the fisherman) Pat the fish filet dry and dip in a good beer batter, then deep fry. Eat as a sandwich on bread and butter. Yumm!
    I probably won’t live as long as you do.
    Love Mom

    Let’s try it your way next time I’m in Kansas! But, we have to go out in the boat and catch it too! I always did love us all fishing together!

    Love, Dee Ann

  2. PS: I must agree your fish looks much prettier.
    Love Mom

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