Posted by: Dee Andrews | November 27, 2008

It’s a Small World

Happy Thanksgiving from our small part of the world to yours! We are thankful for the support and well wishes from our family and friends and are thinking of everyone on this day of thanksgiving.


  1. With our family literally scattered all over the world this year, I have been thinking how very different this year’s Thanksgiving holiday is compared to last year, when we were all together in Boulder! Our blessings are many, and our troubles are few….my heart is grateful for each and every one of you, wherever you may be. Be safe, be happy, and know that you are loved!


    Thank you Janet for the beautiful message! We are missing family but finding wonderful moments together and creating lasting memories. We will plan on Thanksgiving in New York next year! One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is ice skating in central park some 20 years ago! It was magical with the lights glowing all around, Christmas music playing and snow falling! It’s time to do it again!

    Love, Dee

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you,
    We missed you this year, but our thoughts of you were with us. We will see you soon,
    Mom, Dad and families

    I loved the card you sent, Mom! Gracias!

  3. Hi Dee and Scott,

    I’ve just discovered your excellent blog and travel site. We’ve been thinking of you and your year away as we continue our own research toward that end. The Jones clan is coming to Spain for the month of June ’09 as our annual exploration for a home base abroad. Cooper and Bennett are now 7 and 5 respectively and we’re angling toward 2011 as lift off. I’ll spend some time going over your comments but I’d love to hear any special places that you have found on the east coast during your travels that you think might be worth a visit next June. We’re also looking at South America (Chile and Argentina)Thanks for your help.

    Besos y Abrazos


    Hi Sam and Sara,

    Glad you found us or our blogs at least!

    Where in Spain will you be in June? We will still be here as the girls’ school term ends at the end of June. Perhaps you can visit; we have room for you all and would love to share our Spain experiences and learn about Chile and Argentina!

    While we are headed back to Colorado next August, this won’t be our last sabbatical. We’ve learned so much, good and bad, but have figured out that we want to continue exploring and mixing life up…and learning Spanish. That was one unrealistic expectation for all of us; it’s just harder than we thought it’d be but part of that is due to where we chose to live and the girls ended up going to school. There are all kinds of choices along the way that you just have to finally make.

    Hope to see you here! You should visit Valencia too!


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